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Class Levels  For Bharathanatyam

Revathi Little Dancers                                
Ages 3-6.  No previous training expected. Emphasis is on creative movement. Introduction to hand gestures and feet positions
Revathi Kids Group 1   
Ages  7-10  Basic and Intermediate  Bharathnatyam  steps and creative movement. Small dance pieces to practise learning   

Revathi Kids Group 2
Ages 10- 12  Basic and Intermediate Steps , with more technical emphasis. Theory , Small dance pieces 

Revathi Juniors

Ages 13-15. More varieties of Bharathanatyam vocabulary and dance pieces 

Revathi Intermediates 
Ages 16- 18.  More varieties of Bharathanatyam vocabulary and dance pieces with technical emphasis 

Revathi Seniors
Ages 18 and up with previous training and performance experience. Advanced steps and dance items. 

Revathi Adult Beginners 

Ages 18 and above with no previous training. 

Class Levels for Carnatic Music

Revathi Carnatic Music - Kids

Ages 6 and above

Revathi Carnatic Music Adults 

Ages 18 and above 


Dedication Cappuccino Double Espresso La
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